Installation Services

The Southern Co., Inc. sees a distinct difference in construction versus installation. Construction is building the facilities from the ground up or modifying the existing structure of fueling systems to accommodate rules, regulations, or to increase the capacity. We view installation as the replacement or upgrade of the equipment and technologies that your business operates. SoCo understands that growth sometimes comes through acquisition of existing sites. You may acquire sites that may not have had very much capital investment in equipment or technologies in quite some time. Our installation department specializes in quick, trouble free installation and upgrades to existing sites with the least amount of down time possible. Our scope of work and down time will be well defined around your needs and communicated effectively to you and your operators.

Installation Services

  • Dispenser Replacements
  • POS Replacements
  • ATG Replacements
  • LED Retrofits
  • Suction Pump Replacements
  • Tank Conversions
  • Mechanical Consoles
  • Bulk Transfer Facilities
  • and much more ...

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