What is EMV?

Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions about EMV and how it applies to our industry.

EMV is yet another standard to help reduce credit card fraud. Most of the world has either already migrated to EMV or plans to do so, if the United States did not move to EMV, it could become the primary target of fraud.

EMV payments leverage a computer chip located on the front of the payment card to transmit data from the card to the card reader. This chip calculates a unique data packet for each transaction reducing the value of any data that is stolen out of a payment system.

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Capital investment. In most cases, your POS (Point of Sale) and inside payment terminals (PinPads) were upgraded for the first wave of fraud reduction measures by the Payment Card Industry (PCI). However, this does not mean that they are EMV compliant. Your inside equipment may simply need a software upgrade or may require replacement. If you have CRIND's (Card Readers In Dispeners) outside the chances you need to upgrade or replace them is greater. The deadline for outside EMV compliance for dispensers in your forecourt is October 1, 2017. UPDATE: Visa and MasterCard have pushed back EMV for fuel dispensers until October 2020.

Inside (POS / PinPad)

Outside (CRIND / Dispener)

October 2015
October 2017 UPDATE: October 2020

Contact us. We can speak with you on the phone, send someone to your site or meet with you at one of our three locations. We will have a factory trained technician visit your locations, gather your current equipment information and relay to you in simple terms your path forward to EMV compliance.

That is hard to determine. We will need to assess your current equipment and software to better understand your position. Whether you are a single store owner, have multiple locations or operate a chain of stores, we can help you understand and provide you with quotations. To help with the financial burden vendors and major oil companies are offering incentives to upgrade. You can check out the current programs in our EMV Incentives section. If you or your organization is in need of financing, we have that as well. Check out our Finance & Credit section.

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